Mythology and Meaning -June Challenge

‘The month of June is rich in mythology and meanings…your task is to create a piece of abstract art that speaks of ‘June 2021’, using any medium of your choice.’ If you wish to add a comment or explanation in prose, or verse (max 50 words) it will also feature in our ‘Art News’ Blog on the website. As always your work must be original, sent to the website as a jpeg photograph of good quality.
Club members receive these in the monthly newsletter, but this month's photo can also be seen here. Please send us jpeg photos of your efforts to:, so that we can all share in the pleasure of them. If you have problems with this method, please contact Lesley on 07792 952926.

Greek Goddess Hera
Watercolour Unicorn
In Scotland, the unicorn symbolises innocence, purity and power. This summer, many of us will be taking holidays at home as we continue to regain power over the pandemic and vaccines are given to purify us from the Coronavirus.
Byland in Watercolour