Founded 1978

Rex Whistler, British painter, graphic artist, and stage designer. He is best known for his decorations in a light and fanciful style evocative of the 18th century, notably the series of murals "In Pursuit of Rare Meats (1926–7)" in the restaurant of the Tate Gallery (now Tate Britain). He also did numerous book illustrations and much work for the stage, including ballet and opera.

During the second world war he visited Pickering and painted the wall mural in the now named "Whistler Hall".  Recently it became apparent that this work required preservation and so the Art Club launched a project to raised the necessary funds.

  1. A BIG "THANK YOU" to all who attended and assisted in making this event successful, sufficient funds should be now available to pursue the project to a satisfactory conclusion

The Whistler Project

An afternoon of music, cake and art

Saturday 23rd June 2018 - in the Memorial Hall, Pickering
We are planning to have an afternoon fundraiser for the re-presenting and re-positioning of the painting by Rex Whistler Project as shown above. 

The Memorial Hall has been booked, a local blues band “Touch of Blues” are offering their performance free, as we are fundraising. The band play many popular songs, not just blues, and don’t play too loud, so the audience should still be able to chat amongst themselves.

As we are raising funds for the preservation of the Whistler image of

“Children eating cakes”,

it seemed appropriate to serve tea/coffee and cakes to be enjoyed while the band are playing. We hope to sell tickets for approximately £5 all inclusive and open to the general public.

We will also have a mini-exhibition of art work, open to all club members.

Artwork will be for sale, with the usual 25% commission also going to the project.