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Calendar Competition 2020

Dear Members,
Below are the entries which have been arranged in seasons to facilitate voting.  All the portrait format paintings have been put forward for the front cover, as this is the correct orientation for display on the finished calendar. We need three pictures for each season and one for the Front Cover.
We are now asking you to vote for your favourite images for each section, so just 5 votes needed from you (1 for Front cover, 1 for Spring and so on..)
Please just write the code under the picture (eg. FC3.) of each of your choices and send in an email to It is perfectly acceptable to vote for your own painting.
We have kept things anonymous for now, but when the winners have been chosen by you, we will make sure the paintings are titled and accredited to the artists involved on the finished calendar.
The closing date for votes is Monday 20th July 2020.

Please support those who have taken the time to enter by sending in your votes, thank you.

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