The Rules Governing the Club's Activities


1. Ordinary membership shall be open to all those interested in art living in the Vale of Pickering.
2. Those living outside this area who have a strong attachment to this area may be admitted to membership at the discretion of the committee; this shall include members qualified under 1 above who have moved out of the area.
3. The committee shall have the powers to appoint honorary life members who shall have all the rights and privileges of ordinary members.
4. Subscriptions shall be set out by the committee and become due on the first day of each club year – January 1st.
5. To organise monthly meetings consisting of talks, demonstrations and workshops.
6. To organise an annual exhibition of members’ work. Other exhibitions, possibly open, may be held at the discretion of the committee.
7. To organise workshops.
8. To organise visits to art galleries, museums and other places of interest.
9. To organise any other activity which, in the opinion of the committee, furthers the aims of the club.
10. The club shall be managed by a committee consisting of at least 10 ordinary members elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
11. Any member volunteering to serve on the committee at the AGM may be nominated for and voted on at the same AGM.
12. Meetings will normally take place every 2 months.
13. Five members of the committee shall form a quorum.
14. Any two members shall have the right to call a meeting on giving 28 days notice to the Chairperson.
15. Should any committee member fail to attend 3 consecutive meetings, that member may lose their place on the committee and be replaced by another member nominated by the committee.
16. The committee has the power to co-opt any member for sub-committees.
17. The officers of the club shall be elected by the committee.
18. They shall comprise: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Secretary.
19. No more than 2 of these posts may be held by the same person.
20. This meeting shall normally be held in February.
21. All members, both ordinary and honorary are eligible to attend and vote.
22. Notice of the meeting is given on the membership card; however, if possible, further notice will be given in January.
23. The quorum for the meeting is 20 members.
24. Items for the agenda shall be given to the Secretary at least 3 weeks before the AGM.
25. All honorary members and those subscribing members who have paid their subscriptions by April are entitled to submit work for display, but this can be varied at the discretion of the committee.
26. There is no automatic right to display work – terms and conditions for each exhibition will be determined by the Exhibition Organiser.
27. Visitors are welcome to participate in all the activities of the club apart from the annual exhibition.
28. An appropriate fee, determined by the committee or event organiser, will be charged.
29. The club accepts no liability whatsoever for the loss or damage to any work submitted for exhibition or criticism.
30. Changes to these rules can only be made at the AGM of the club.
31. Three weeks’ notice of such a special resolution must be given.
32. The resolution for the change must be passed by at least two thirds of those attending the AGM.


Founded 1978

COMMITTEE - 2017-18

Chairman                                       Lesley Price

Secretary                                       Lesley Price

Treasurer                                       Diana Smith

​Committee members                       Chris Pearson

                                                      Peter Davison

                                                      Renee Clark

​                                                      Lynette Harper

​                                                      Sue Stanley

​                                                      Marion Pearce

​                                                      Jeff Stokes

​                                                      Sue Broughton

​                                                      Mike Drawneek

​To contact the committee please use the contact page